SDS Message


Magandang GenSan to all learners, parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff of Fatima National High School! The COVID 19 pandemic has admittedly affected the delivery of learning in a global scale. There are education services which are not applicable anymore in the new normal set up and this has brought questions on whether education can still continue amidst the dangers borne by the unseen enemy. Indeed, this pandemic has brought us to our knees with all the challenges it carried along, however, this also gave birth to brilliant ideas and innovations to ensure that quality education still continues.

Here in the Division of General Santos City, we try to make learning delivery easier through the various innovations that we introduce in line with our ProActive Response in Turbulent, Uncertain, New, and Ambiguous Environment (ProTUNA) initiative. Along with this, we also recognize the contribution of schools in our quest to pursue continuous education in these trying times.

Personally, let me commend Fatima National High School in its initiative of developing a Learning Management System (LMS) website and its move to provide students access to internet for free through its remote wifi service. This is proof that with a heart set on serving, even public schools can create opportunities for students to learn with just a click on their mobile phones, without minding the cost. Further, I would like also to express my gratitude to the Barangay Council of Fatima headed Hon. Reynante Curit for the funding and partnership made for this noble project. Indeed, collaboration really works and surely it will benefit our learners. Congratulations to the minds behind this innovation. And thank you for unselfishly providing service to our “kabataang heneral”.

Let us continue to work hand-in-hand in the name of “Serbisyong Heneral, Dekalidad at Marangal, dahil Una sa Lahat, Bata!”. God bless us all!


ASDS Message


Schools today shall look beyond what is now being practiced and implemented, instead find alternatives in providing and delivering education for our learners in this new normal. In this time that our learners are in their homes, with limited contact, mobility and communication, we have engage much now to their parents. Many alternative options can be an opportunities to explore of our teachers and school heads with the present technology. School Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the proactive innovations that will surely provide access in just a click of our learners’ finger to all learning resources. With the capacity and availability of cellphones and computers among our learners, this platform will help and facilitate learning. This is a learner-friendy learning environment that schools can utilize to maximize the use of technology in learning.

I congratulate Fatima National High School for establishing this LMS platform, this will surely benefit our teachers, parents and learners in accessing all learning resources in this new normal of education.

Assistant School Division Superintendent


PSDS Message

Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!


To achieve truly quality education, we therefore need to be proactive in pursuit of producing our very own technological innovations. Thus, acquisition of new knowledge and innovation is very important, amidst this COVID 19 crisis.

We have seen how internet connectivity had helped in the delivery of learning of today’s New Normal. Indeed, it could also improve the quality of life of our learner in order to be more productive and globally competitive citizens in the near future if used wisely.

The most obvious challenge was and still, is the cost of technology itself and internet connectivity. But, with the initiative of the FATIMA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, it is now possible to Barangay Fatima because if the will and passion are there, our desire to CONNECT as ONE, is not impossible to achieve.

However, an educational system must be integrated for the learners to have an access of all the information as well as virtual interactive simulation of learning in this NEW NORMAL education. As such, FATIMA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL also provided FNHS LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WEBSITE.

As Principal In-Charge of NORTH FATIMA DISTRICT, I would like to thank the administrator, headed by Dr. Francisco M. Espinosa, to the Barangay Fatima Council, to the stakeholders, to the teachers, to the parents, and to the students of making this project possible.

Today, marks the HISTORICAL event of FATIMA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, as they launch, FNHS WEBSITE and FNHS CONNECT AS ONE project.