The Principal


The onset of the global pandemic has affected us so much that all our social activities were hindered. Staying at home and online has been the new normal. Somehow, business, classes, even seminars and other transactions have to be conducted online. Every family struggled; livelihood and other means of support were crippled; and everyone was confused as to how to live in these most challenging times. We became dependent on the regulations the government gave. School schedules have been reliant also on the safety conditions of the people. However, school has to continue. Thus, providing the new gadgets and internet connection to the learners at home have become the greatest challenge that each family face.

We, too, in the academic sector were not able to elude the blitzkrieg. The burden of reaching every learner as a response to the unyielding banner of the Department of Education that, “Education must continue” has left every educator rummaging day and night for solutions to the problem. Hence, with minds set to help provide the basic needs of the learners in the new way of learning, Fatima National High School shall enable some areas of the community to be Wi-Fi ready.

We are very optimistic that with this project Learning Management System (LMS) website themed “Connect as one”, funded and supported by the members of the Barangay Council and a part of FNHS Alumni Association, no learners will be left behind. Parents will hopefully not worry about internet connectivity anymore. As long as the tower radius reach the learners at their homes, learning would become easier, accessible, and comfortable. Teachers, on the other hand, would not have a hard time extending help and monitoring learning progress of the learners. With the wi-fi connectivity, we would be able to secure the safety of our learners at the comfort of their homes.

Consequently, the full support of the constituents in this community is of utmost importance in this time of pandemic. Caring for the technological equipment near your areas to sustain maintenance and long-term usability of the project is one thing that will place Barangay Fatima soon to be the leading community in General Santos City.